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Tips for making the most of Bodyweight Workouts at Bootcamp

Doing bodyweight workouts is fine, but are you getting the maximum benefits? If not done in a proper manner, working out may not deliver the good results you are looking for. When you go in for fitness training at bootcamp it is not just a case of random physical activity. You need to pay attention to some important and finer points to achieve your goals.

Joining a Boot Camp

If you have taken up membership at bootcamp in Coogee make sure you have a game plan before starting the sessions. Decide what type of training you would like to start with, and accordingly select the equipment you will need to work on. If you have no plan – except to lose some weight – you might end up wandering aimlessly around the bootcamp with no clear idea of where to start.

Stay committed

Once you decide to start serious fitness training with personal trainers you need to stay committed. Do not let the idea sprout only in your head and do little or nothing about it. A bit of self programming could help. Divide your week into segments – separate days devoted to long walks or a run, with in between days devoted to bodyweight exercises. To inculcate the habit stay committed to this routine for at least a full month.

Pre-warm up sessions

Before you undertake any vigorous workout in Coogee, you need to warm up your body. Otherwise you will not be flexible enough to perform the various workouts. Ensure that the warm-ups you do match the workouts. Just touching your toes a few times and doing some side bends might not be an adequate warm-up. New dynamic warm-ups are now making the rounds at bootcamp.

Progress tracking

As you go through your training week after week or month after month, you need to keep track of the progress you are making. It is possible to find that in spite of working out your progress has been meagre or nil. So keep a diary and note down regularly any weight loss you have achieved. If you find progress is slow or negative, you could look at making changes in your fitness routine. It is probably time to undertake up a more challenging session. You could look at multi-tasking your movements. Exercises such as dead-lift and squats engage several muscle groups, energy systems and joints, all of which help to boost the metabolism and heart rate.

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