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The Exhibition & Event Association of Australasia (EEAA) is the definitive association for the exhibition and event industry professional in Australia and New Zealand. The EEAA represents all three sectors - organisers, venues and suppliers.
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EEAA News & Events

Presentation to highlight safety issues

Health and safety is (rightly) a major issue for exhibition organisers, venues, suppliers and exhibitors.  The EEAA NZ Chapter invites you and your staff to attend a presentation outlining the key principles of the Minimum Standards for Best Practice in Health & Safety Manual, recently developed for the industry.  Read more

AGM sets sights for year ahead

The existing Board of the NZ Chapter of the EEAA has been
returned for a second term. At the association's recent AGM, Dona
White was re-elected as President, and existing board member Barry
Quayle was named Vice-president for the year ahead.  Read more

EEAA Leaders' Forum

There was a strong Kiwi turnout at the recent EEAA Leaders' Forum held in Manly, Sydney on May 10 and 11. Read more

Exhibitions help marketers win battle for hearts and minds

In Australia the total economic impact of the exhibition industry is more than $3 billion. There is plenty of scope for the New Zealand industry to make a comparably significant contribution to our economy. Read full story

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Build Your Business With Effective Personal Trainer Marketing

For sure you started your weight loss programme with great enthusiasm and hope – hope that in a few months you will emerge a new trim you, ready to take on the world. But the story is not going according to plan! After weeks of sweating it out and some strain and pain, your body seems to be like a reluctant debutante showing little or no sign of shedding those extra kilos.

Here are 10 simple personal training marketing courses

At Work

As a responsible employee in Europe you would probably get totally involved in the assignments you have on hand, probably all the time indulging in multi-tasking. But if you take a minute to think clearly, you will realise that doing several jobs at the same time will not work.

Your mind will not be concentrating completely on any job in Malta so in reality nothing is fully achieved. Instead, under such pressure you would probably start to think about food, and without knowing it bring out a few snacks to lessen the tension you are undergoing. Improper snacking during the day is always a dangerous habit if you want to lose weight.

When and what snacks to eat

If your work schedule leads to long breaks in between meals, you might tend to get extra hungry and totally binge out at meal times. To avoid such a situation you should keep available different types of healthy snacks such as fruit, nuts, whole wheat crackers and low-fat cheese. Whenever you feel a few hunger pangs in between meals have some of these snacks  they will not only take away the hunger, but are also beneficial for health purposes.

On training

If you are using aerobic exercises as part of your daily work out in Malta, though helpful, it should be accompanied by a few strength training exercises to increase muscle mass and up the metabolism. Aerobics by itself will burn calories but will not have a long term impact on your metabolism.

Tea vs Water

It is common knowledge that you should drink at least eight glasses a day of water. Though your body needs this, there may be a way to lessen the burden of drinking full 8 glasses of water. Instead, you could intersperse the liquid consumption with tea. You could sip nice hot tea the whole day  green tea, black tea, herbal tea  it will definitely help to back up your water requirement. As a health drink, especially green tea, it contains antioxidants which is said to contribute to weight loss, as also protection against cancer.


Importance of good sleep

A good nights sleep is very important. During sleep your metabolism gets revved up and the longer you sleep, the more fat gets burnt. A good nights sleep also helps to regulate the hormones that control energy production and appetite. The body produces ghrelin triggering cravings, and a minimum of leptin which helps to control your food intake.

The goodness of walking

Though running is a great calorie burner and a good form for cardiovascular exercise when wanting to achieve weight loss, not everyone feels comfortable if they have to run. So instead you can go for a nice long walk at a brisk pace, increasing the distance and pace gradually over time.

Use opportune times to work out

If you are a working person you might not find too much free time to work out. If possible use your lunch hour to do this. If there is a gym nearby that would be ideal, if not find a quiet corner where you will be able to do some valuable stretching and bending exercises. You could carry a pair of appropriate running shoes and a change of clothes with you to the office.

Eating out

When you decide to have a meal at a restaurant in Malta, you could go online and check out the different dining choices. With prior knowledge you can plan what to eat and enjoy a healthy meal. Often meals on offer are very high with calorie content and even dishes like salads etc. can prove detrimental to weight loss. Social media marketing these days also helps people with their fitness goals, social media keeps people accountable and motivated so they stick with the program longer.

Apples to the rescue

Fruit is great for having as a snack when trying to lose weight. Eating an apple as a mid morning snack can do wonders to keep the hunger pangs at bay till you get to lunch time.

Is stress eating your weakness? 

Your success in weight loss may depend on your answers to the following queries:

  • Yes  you always eat when stressed out
  • You only indulge in very high stress situations
  • No  you are able to stick to a healthy diet

Emailing your clients recipes and fitness tips is a great way to stay in touch with people and spread the word about your fitness business.

Tips for making the most of Bodyweight Workouts at Bootcamp

Doing bodyweight workouts is fine, but are you getting the maximum benefits? If not done in a proper manner, working out may not deliver the good results you are looking for. When you go in for fitness training at bootcamp it is not just a case of random physical activity. You need to pay attention to some important and finer points to achieve your goals.

Joining a Boot Camp

If you have taken up membership at bootcamp in Coogee make sure you have a game plan before starting the sessions. Decide what type of training you would like to start with, and accordingly select the equipment you will need to work on. If you have no plan – except to lose some weight – you might end up wandering aimlessly around the bootcamp with no clear idea of where to start.

Stay committed

Once you decide to start serious fitness training with personal trainers you need to stay committed. Do not let the idea sprout only in your head and do little or nothing about it. A bit of self programming could help. Divide your week into segments – separate days devoted to long walks or a run, with in between days devoted to bodyweight exercises. To inculcate the habit stay committed to this routine for at least a full month.

Pre-warm up sessions

Before you undertake any vigorous workout in Coogee, you need to warm up your body. Otherwise you will not be flexible enough to perform the various workouts. Ensure that the warm-ups you do match the workouts. Just touching your toes a few times and doing some side bends might not be an adequate warm-up. New dynamic warm-ups are now making the rounds at bootcamp.

Progress tracking

As you go through your training week after week or month after month, you need to keep track of the progress you are making. It is possible to find that in spite of working out your progress has been meagre or nil. So keep a diary and note down regularly any weight loss you have achieved. If you find progress is slow or negative, you could look at making changes in your fitness routine. It is probably time to undertake up a more challenging session. You could look at multi-tasking your movements. Exercises such as dead-lift and squats engage several muscle groups, energy systems and joints, all of which help to boost the metabolism and heart rate.

How to Choose A Fitness Marketing Agency When You Become a Personal Trainer

Advertising your fitness business – Social media to the rescue

Everyone you know today has an existence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram or any other social media platforms. It is one of the most effective tools for marketing a personal training business because social media allows you to share pictures, daily updates, videos and also links from external sites on your page.

If you know how to effectively use social media to enhance your fitness business, you can get a large number of leads via this platform.

When become a personal trainer it’s important you brainstorm a meeting plan to help grow and promote your new personal training business.

Create your page

Create your business page on Facebook, LinkedIn etc. and populate it with content about your business such as photos, workout videos, news articles, heath industry trends etc. Invite people to get involved in discussions and spread word about your business.

fitness marketing agency

Use your business name

Use your business name whenever you create your page or make a Twitter handle. Make sure that it is not any random name or catchphrase. The whole point of having a social media presence is to increase the brand value of your business. Hence it is important to use your business name everywhere.

Post regular updates

In order to stay at the top of everyone’s newsfeed, it is important to post regular workouts, fitness tips and latest updates. Any important updates like a new study in the fitness industry, launch of a new equipment, debates, discussions or events will help you stay at the top of the mind of your followers. An effective social media marketing strategy is to post updates daily. For example on this page you’ll notice they have a blog with fitness marketing and SEO strategies.

Share other people’s content

Sharing a client’s updates about completing his/her marathon in great timing is more credible than posting that your client was able to complete the marathon after receiving training from you. Encourage your clients to post their achievements or milestones on your business page and appreciate when they do so by complimenting them on the social media platform. This helps them feel motivated and also spreads the word about your business.

Create offers that are timed and give away goodies

Social media helps you create a timed event. You can use this feature and create offers to give away goodies, printed merchandise, exercise gear or discount coupons for your training sessions. This will attract prospective customers to your page and help you get more clients.

Share content that has pictures

Instead of sharing content that is descriptive in nature, add a few pictures to it to make it more fun and interesting. This way more and more viewers will be attracted to your post, thus increasing visibility.

Join relevant groups

Join groups or communities that are relevant to your business and participate in discussions and events. This will help you gain a secure foothold amongst other industry experts who are a part of the group or community.

Be responsive

Don’t make your contacts or followers wait for endless hours to get replies to their queries. Be quick in responding to queries or participating in discussions. It shows your interest and involvement with your leads.

Social media if used correctly can be an effective marketing tool to advertise your fitness business. When you hire a fitness marketing agency, social media must be a core part of it and you must put in significant amounts of effort to make it work.

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